Wage & Hour

Employees in California have rights to be compensated for their work, including:

  • to be paid for their work, on time, including overtime unless they are exempt from overtime
  • to be paid according to your contract, if there is one
  • to have a written agreement regarding commissions, if you are paid primarily on commission
  • to take meal periods and rest breaks, relieved of all duties
  • to be paid not less than the state or local minimum wage
  • not to be misclassified as independent contractors
  • to access your personnel file and pay records
  • to be reimbursed for certain necessary expenses
  • to be paid all owed wages within 72 hours of quitting or being fired

If you feel that your employer owes you money, or you have questions about your right to compensation, I recommend that you contact an experienced wage & hour employment attorney today for a free consultation.

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