Discrimination is when people are treated differently in the terms, conditions, or privileges of their employment because of a personal characteristic.

Discrimination can mean things like: being fired, demoted, paid less, transferred, not hired, or being given unpleasant job duties.

When certain types of characteristics, known as “protected categories” are the basis for discrimination, that can violate the law.

Protected categories for most California employees include the following:

  • race / color
  • national origin / ancestry
  • religious creed
  • marital status
  • sex / gender
  • gender expression
  • gender identity
  • sexual orientation
  • age
  • physical disability
  • mental disability
  • medical condition
  • genetic information
  • military and veteran status

If you are concerned that you have been the victim of discrimination in employment, I recommend that you talk to an experienced employment discrimination lawyer today for a free consultation.

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